Saturday, 26 May 2012


All over TV and the media, there's something going on... Everyone knows something's going on, everyone sees it and no one cares. You hear, but you do not listen. Or maybe you do, but who are you listening to?
There's so much that goes into the media; sex, violence, lying... But what does it all come down to? MONEY!
Money has taken over this world, taken over humanity. This has been exampled so many times in the past (specifically a South Park episode, where they use the idea that money is the cure to AIDS... You'll have to watch it to understand the metaphor), and everyone knows it's taken over the world, but no one seems to want to do anything about it. Why? Well, why bother doing something about it, when the rest of the world is doing nothing about it.
Money is the root to all evil, and it has proved itself so through it's major use in war, corruption and causing poverty. And we know that, yet still, we use it on war, corruption and causing poverty. The human mind is based on the idea that money is a necessity, all because of how necessary people have made it. Without money, you cannot buy land. Without money, you cannot buy food. Without money, you cannot buy water. Without money,  you cannot cloth yourself. Without money, you cannot entertain yourself. Without money, you cannot learned yourself.
Money is the one worry on everybody's minds in this day and age, and it's getting well out of hand. Think about how much money it costs to set up a town of stores, restaurants, etc.
Okay, now think about how much money it would cost to set up farms and houses over the space that a town of stores and restaurants was built over. Not much, right?
Well the reason we never did that? Because people 'need' to EARN money, so they need the space to earn the money. Why are people finding it so hard to earn money? Because of the size of the population. Of course it's not all down to that, considering most of the money of this world is possessed by the people who sit on enough land to build enough farms to feed many more than themselves. They have enough money to change things in this planet, to abolish this capitalistic state of mind we're all stuck in and start a fresh. Why don't they? Because they have the money, they have the power, and they want to keep the money, and they want to abuse that power. Even you, yes you, have money, and power. Did you know, if you have the tiniest bit of change in your pocket/wallet/whatever, the TINIEST bit of change, you're richer than 70% of the human population. 70%! That's a huge amount. I guess that China, the most population country in the world, has a lot to do with that, what with their launderings in child slavery etc. Not to mention Africa, and all it's poverty, which never needed to happen, and still doesn't, but because people need to get their dirty hands on more money, they ignore these things and hope something else will sort it out, hoping maybe the government etc. will help them out, not realising that the government aren't even intending on helping their own country, let alone another one. 

Have you noticed there isn't one party in any government or parliament that doesn't involve money? Even socialism is based around money. 

But ask yourself this, why do we need money? There's an entire population of 6 point something billion people, who I'm sure, without money, would be willing to help one another. Or would they? Now that we've delved way too far into money being necessary, it would be a bit hard for people to get along without it. What do you think would happen if all the money in the world today just disappeared? Do you think everyone would pray to their god/s? Do you think everyone would riot and steal for their selfish needs? I believe that a lot of the people will, yes, but I believe there will be small populations of people who will live without the evil of money, and live in societies where people help their fellow man, and live in harmony and piece. The biggest problem is, when these places are found by people who have previously had large sums of money or power, they will try to take that power back, and start reforming the society around money.

I guess what all this rabbling and ranting is all about it that no population should put their lives in the hands of one MAN. People need to turn away from the idea of a leader, and look further towards the idea of a higher power, a God to redeem us, cleanse us and give our souls the honesty they need.
Now that money is the most powerful object in the world right now, more powerful than our self-discipline and honesty. 
Next time you worry about money, please, think back to this and remind yourself, money is NOTHING. Money is not necessary, and is not the most important thing in your life, what's more important are the people around you, from the seat next to you on the bus to the child weaving away for 20 hours in horrific conditions, they are the things that should be important in your life. 
I love you, God loves you, MONEY does not love you. Tell me, why do you love money?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Why should marijuana be legalized?

As a stoner, I feel obliged to explain why weed should be legalized;
Alcohol, a man made substance, is legal. This drug is much more addictive, and causes so many more problems (cancer in more than one form, brain cell damage, etc.), and is just as effective on the psychosis of a user as weed (if not more). Cannabis as it's known, is a natural drug, a plant, which contains cannibanoids, which are already present in our body. Without them, our organs and entire biology would be different, and work in a different way (possibly not better, I can't say). The psychological effects of marijuana are only caused if there is a psychological problem present in the first place, whether it be known to the user or not. Although it does kill brain cells, this is all during the ingestion of the drug, after that, while under the influence of the drug, your mind is convinced to learn more about itself, and your creative juices flow. Not to mention the opening to a spiritual side of yourself you might not have even known you had. On top of all this, alcohol is a highly addictive depressant. Marijuana is a (not highly) addictive anti-depressant. The dangers of smoking weed are also mostly caused by the way you smoke it. In a 'spliff', you usually also have tobacco, causing a majority of the problems. Through a vaporiser however, the drug is next to harmless, and can even be used as a drug to help people who thought there were no other options.
Also, the entire 'war on drugs' is bollocks, they're just trying to make you pay for drugs, almost like saying 'Don't use those drugs, use our drugs, they're better' when in fact a headache will be easily cured by a smoke, and will take a while with a paracetamol or two.

Remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not watching you.